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Digital Advertisement is shifting the dynamics of business and communication. It is a viable and cost-effective tool that is fast replacing the static printed signage. You can connect your message to your audience in an engaging blend of video and interactive technology.

Tailored for Your Industry

Navigate Digital Media is Canada’s leading manufacturer of digital and interactive advertisement and communication  hardware and solutions that are tailor-made for different industries; helping businesses to achieve the goal of effective communication, engagement and interaction with its target audience. Entrepreneurs use our digital products to influence customer behavior by creating eye-catching displays and showcasing brands or services, which ultimately drive sales and boost profit margins.


The Ultimate Touchscreen
Digital Banner

Get rid of the static print roll up banner and  activate the power of the Digital and Interactive Digiflex to take your business to the next level. Create dynamic and attention grabbing  video or slider with audio and touchscreen that is guaranteed to work  and engage your customers.

Featured Navigate Products

Digiflex by Navigate

Digiflex by Navigate is the new Portable Interactive Digital Display Unit that is fast replacing the static printed roll-up banner signage. You can connect your message to the audience in an engaging motion blend with interactive technology.

Digibiz by Navigate

The Stand-Up Digital Interactive Display is the one stop business solution that will take your business to the next level. It’s multi-purpose function is limitless.

2 IN 1 Interactive Display

The 2 in 1 Digital Interactive Display by Navigate uses one panel to achieve the dual-sided display capability. This state-of-the-art technological achievement enables installation and placement at the most unexpected places to generate the most attention.

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Navigate Partners Program

Be a part of revolutionizing the last mile delivery and become a representative of Navigate. Your task will be to introduce the cutting-edge Digital Media Solutions  to your market, close deals and establish new client relationships with large retail and corporate companies. We will provide you with the know-how, sales, and marketing support to help you reach your goals

Business Insights


The Next
Digital Economy

The total digital signage market is expected to reach $33 billion by 2020. Navigate Digital Media provides an amazing opportunity for you to tap into this fast growing industry and make astronomical profit as a licensed distributor of hot digital advertisement units.


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