Check-In Kiosk

Navigate Payment Kiosks give you the power to customize the entire service experience from start to finish. With our easy-to-use interface and countless personalization options you can seamlessly integrate the Self-Ordering Kiosk into your business.


The Capactive Touchscreen Technology on the Digital Pay Kiosk unit allows users to interact and quickly take orders.


You can attach a printer to the unit and customers can print confirmation of payment or boarding pass at the airport.


Using the virtual payment platform on the unit, makes payment convenient  for the buyer and the merchant. 


You can integrate multimedia systems that will keep your customer entertained on the unit. 


You can connect the unit to the internet for unlimited video streaming, live updates and social media engagement.

Guest Check-In

Create the ultimate welcome experience for your guests and give them a lasting memory by using the Digital Check-In Kiosk by Navigate.

Data Management

Get feedback from the guests and determine consumer behavior by using the Data Management Capability on the unit.

Innovation meets Hospitality.

Guest Identification

You can install security features such as fingerprint recognition or eyeball identification on the unit and let your guests and customers know you care about their security.

Beautifully Crafted Hardware

The Digital Check-In Kiosk by Navigate is made from durable high anti-interference ability, and heat resistant aluminium profile and configured with the best technology for non-stop functionality.


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