Digital signage is changing the way houses of worship communicate with communities and congregations. Take advantage of the Digital Display to Manage Data, Co-ordinate Volunteers and Collect Virtual Donations.

data management

With the Interactive Touchscreen on the Navigate Digital Units, churches can now sign up members, receive praise report and prayer requests virtually.

video wall

Create an amazing worship experience by installing a video wall at the background of your stage. Congregants are more engaged and interact with the service better.

virtual giving

You don't have to wait for envelopes to be passed, Congregants can now use the Donation Portal on the Foyer Digital Display to give anytime.

event listing

With so many weekly activities, each of which need to be publicized on a rotational basis, digital signage is a fast, efficient, user-friendly way to update and adapt content to showcase events.

volunteer system

Co-ordinate your Volunteers by using the Sign Up Portal on the Digital Display to monitor Volunteer Activities and reward punctuality.


Not only will digital signage help to inspire your regular congregation, but it will reach out to the wider community and the next generation of followers!

education & training

There are many education based Digital Units that will help your church to properly interpret your visions and train your leaders.

member interaction

Digital signage will help to spread your message of faith, whether it's scripture from the Bible or weekly message from the Pastor, it gets people engaged.

Digital Signage is Practical

The main goal for houses of worship is outreach, to meet the needs of the local community. Digital signage facilitates outreach for all faiths by making communication with communities quicker and easier.

Details of events, fundraising campaigns and service times can all be better publicized using digital signage. From a practical point of view, houses of worship can display multiple pieces of information, minus the clutter associated with the traditional noticeboard.

Save Money on Publicity and Create a Stir

With digital signage, recurring costs do not occur. You can update your content without any additional costs. This is the single biggest benefit for houses of worship looking to reduce their annual printing and publicity costs.

Installing digital signage inside or outside a place of worship creates a stir. Because it was previously unheard of, and certainly stands out in a venue as iconic as church or synagogue, it gets congregations talking.


Digital Technology
for 21st Century
Impact & Relevance
for your ministry.


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