The Ultimate Touchscreen
Digital Banner

Digiflex  by Navigate is the new Portable  Interactive Digital Display Unit that is fast replacing the static printed roll-up banner signage. You can connect your message to the audience in an engaging motion blend with interactive technology.

The Best & Affordable Digital Display Unit in the Market!

Video Advert Content

Integrate 3 screens in one or impress your audience with one big video advert content.

Audio Capability

Digiflex is configured with quality sound system that gives loudness and surround to the sound.

Bluetooth access

You can send files into the unit through Bluetooth.


You can connect the unit to the internet for unlimited video streaming, live updates and social media engagement.

Update & Customize

Updating content is as easy as ABC. You can update graphics and video content as many times as needed.

Remote Control

Digiflex comes convenient with a remote control so you can navigate from any corner.

Touchscreen Option

The Touchscreen capability allows for interactive experience for your customers


Digiflex is designed with flexible and portable aluminium profile.

Become a Navigate Business Partner

Navigate Digital Media provides an amazing opportunity for you to tap into this fast growing industry and make astronomical profit as a licensed distributor.

Showcase Products

Digiflex brings life, interaction and Attention Grabbing Advertisement to your Business. People will actually get to see you.

Campaign Ads

Digiflex is a powerful tool for political campaigns and Event Branding and Display. You can project your message and theme with video content.

Update & Customize

You can replace the Ad. Content as many times as you want and not have to worry about replacing the unit.

Engage Audience.

Your customers and audience can interact with you by using the touchscreen on Digiflex to place orders and provide you with feedback.

The most powerful tool to Replace the Static Roll-Up Banner and Bring Life to Your Ads


Be Visible, Be Audible... Put Life to Your Ad.

  • Digiflex is affordable and brings a good ROI
  • Attention Grabbing Dislays
  • Dynamic, Contextual Content Update
  • Cost Effective
  • Eco-Friendly Investment
  • Increase In-store Digital/Social Media Presence
  • Increase Visibility
  • Enhances Corporate Branding

Let's Go There!

With Digiflex, Everyone can now own a Digital Display and Captivate Customers.

Ultra slim bright LED backlit HD display. No calibration required. Just plug and play. with remote control and management. Plays HD videos and live streaming & Supports splitting the screen into multiple windows with different content being reproduced in each of them. Whether you require a specific display format, or need a display solution that excels as a stand-alone digital signage platform, Digiflex is the display solution to tailor to your individual application.





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