Interactive Display Whiteboard

The Interactive Display Whiteboard by Navigate is the ultimate Digital Board for educators and learners alike. It creates amazing learning experience with interactive and multimedia technology. 


The Capactive Touchscreen Technology on the unit allows users to interact and bring alive illustrations and graphs with internet capabilities.


You can connect the Interactive Display Whiteboard unit to the internet for unlimited video streaming, live updates and create the ultimate learning experience.

remote control

Interactive Display Whiteboard comes convenient with a remote control so you can navigate from any corner.


You can send files into the unit through Bluetooth.

Video Conference

Educators and Entrepreneurs are using the Interactive Display Whiteboard to create real time video conference and engage their audience anywhere in the world using the Video Conference Capability.

Interactive Sessions

Students can now overcome the conventional one way monotonous teaching technique and engage in live interactive sessions using the Touchscreen and Live Engagement tools on the unit.


You can split the screen into multiple screen view to compare illustrations and images for a more compelling learning experience.

Bring the Learning to Life

Amazing Learning Experience

From basic interaction points at PCs to unique interactive whiteboards, schools and universities are dramatically increasing engagement with digital signage technology Solutions.

Save Time, Save Money

Students that use the Digital Technology in their learning experience have an edge above those with the conventional tools and are able to retain the information and perform better. This helps the teacher to save time and translates to huge savings for the school. 


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