From basic interaction points at PCs to unique interactive whiteboards, schools and universities are dramatically increasing engagement with digital signage technology Solutions.

Engaging Contents

Playlists and scheduling mean that content can be fine tuned to the day of week or hour of day. Use digital display to showcase menus, classes and schedule, teachers and new announcements.

One Stop For All School Needs

Digital signage provides solutions for obvious issues like campus navigation, event notices and auditorium displays. They also solve the not-so-obvious difficulties currently experienced in the cafeteria, library, computer labs, student unions and specialty rooms like campus auditoriums, fitness facilities and student housing.

Improve Learning Experience

An attention-getting digital display located at campus entrances will welcome everyone, enhance your brand, create pride among the student and faculty base and display the key dates and times of a wide variety of events.

Safety & Emergency

In emergencies, students and faculty need clear instructions on what to do and where to go without any confusion. Digital signage software can send out alerts to every screen on campus instantly.

Digital Education

Today’s school-age children live in a multi-screen world, making their educational needs very different from those of students just a couple of decades ago. Their immersion in screens and technologies has redefined the way they learn: They rely heavily on images, video and other visual input for information, and are used to seeing, touching and interacting with content on a digital display.

To make learning in a formal environment more effective, classrooms are transforming into spaces centered around technologies that let students learn visually. Visual learning allows students to look at problems in different ways and helps them understand abstract concepts. When supported by technologies such large-screen displays, to create collaborative solutions, visual learning creates a stimulating and engaging environment that is more conducive to retaining knowledge.

Digital Display is Affordable

Larger screen sizes for flat-panel displays are becoming much more prevalent in education as the cost of the technology has dropped. Just five years ago, putting a large screen display in the classroom was a budgetary constraint. Now, the technology’s increasing affordability allows large screen displays to be considered for schools. As these displays have become more budget-friendly, some schools are installing multiple large screens side by side to create a giant video wall for visual learning purposes



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