Digital signage is quickly becoming an essential part of the attendee experience because it is efficient, cost effective, and provides a professional look to a conference or trade show.

Live Social Media Feed

Get the whole world talking about your event by creating a trending hashtag for social media engagement - Then display the live feed from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook on the Digital Display. It will take the event beyond the walls.

Updated Event Schedule

Digital signage changes the static event schedule of the traditional print with real time updates from your event management software. You make a change, it shows up on the schedule.

Interactive Poster Gallery

Where digital displays leap ahead of print signage is their potential for attendee interaction and engagement. The Digital Display allows participants to actually engage with the event, take photo on the Digital Display which comes with High Definition cameras and post to the Social Media instantly.

The WoW Factor

Digital signage just makes your event look so much more professional and stunning. You walk in and you’re just wowed. You know that this isn’t your conference or trade show.

Keep Your Event Fresh and Updated

Digital signage pulls dynamically from your event management software. Once you build out your schedule, your signage will display only the session that is currently being held. The best part? If things go off track or you need to make a change to your schedule, a good digital signage platform will recognize those changes and adjust accordingly.

And digital room signage displays much more than your session information. They feature the presentation information, speaker headshots and biographies, and an “Up Next” section that alerts attendees about sessions-to-come.


Create the Ultimate Event Experience

Digital signage can improve the conference experience by providing event-specific insight through large displays and video walls. A facility-wide digital signage system enhances the distribution of time-critical information in an efficient but also impressive way.

The attendee can use interactive signage to explore, learn more about the facility, and then access event-specific offers or promotions. Digital signage also allows the conference venue to share information on entertainment and promotional or educational opportunities. In short, digital signage makes for a better attendee experience and makes a great impression.


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