Whether it’s way finding or providing the “wow” in a public space with a signature LED video wall, digital signage powers public-facing communications and experiences in government places and spaces.

Ease of Communication

Digital signage improves communication in the public sector and helps deliver messages that people want to read.


Touch base with your constituents by updating them with different Government programs and how it affects them.

Directory & Emergency

Digital signs can help citizens find their way around town. It provides dynamic interactive displays that allows visitors to search, view maps and more

Connect with Citizens

Promote community inclusivity and improve the public’s experience by providing information efficiently, in real time and in multiple languages.

Digital Display Government Solutions

Deliver important information specifically relevant to government services and departments, as well as location information within buildings and campuses. Effectively and instantaneously provide security and emergency alert information across a building, campus or even across all affiliated facilities. Provide mission-critical messaging to government and municipal staff.

 Centralize all communications with one digital network supporting all stakeholders. Reduce ongoing costs associated with printing and shipping of static materials.

Smart Systems for Govt. Programs

Deploying digital signs in city, state/provincial and federal government buildings will create a mechanism for effective communication. Educate and inform citizens in waiting areas and lines in multiple languages.

Deliver messages with holiday notices and event information. Incorporate Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks to help citizens easily navigate your facilities. Create a safe environment for all visitors and employees with a system wide emergency broadcast system.The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.


Pioneering Smart
Cities Through
Digital Technology


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