Deploying digital signage throughout various areas of hotels and restaurants such as in lobbies, hallways, elevators, floors, and outside of meeting rooms, increases engagement and gives guests a memorable experience during their stay. 

Great Guest Experience

In hospitality, guest experience is everything. Hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts and other hospitality venues bolster their reputation by delivering an unforgettable digital guest experience.

Self-Service Kiosk

Digital signage has been instrumental in the way guests order food at restaurants, check-in and check-out of hotels and more, all of which enhance the guest experience.


Digital signage is the driving force behind a new era for the hospitality industry, delivering incredible guest experiences and entertainment, which improve the image of the hospitality sector.

Directory and Menu Board

Directing guests to amenities immediately makes them feel comfortable in their surroundings. Guests want to be able to navigate hospitality venues with ease. Digital signage represents a much more attention grabbing and powerful directional system, especially in hotels and spa resorts.

Create the Ultimate Guest Experience

Video walls located in the hotel lobby can offer a “wow” factor to impress guests and create an atmosphere of being on the cutting edge of technology. In addition, lobby signage can be used to inform hotel guests about nearby restaurants and shops as well as ways to get around.

Finding the best destinations and recommendations for dining, excursions and more are critical to hotel guest experience and providing the desired experience from the brand perspective

More Revenues from Advert

Businesses are in business for one reason: to make money. Digital signage offers an additional revenue stream through external advertisers who want to reach out to a hotel’s customers and lure them to its particular business or site.

Through such partnerships, hotels can accept ads from those companies vying for business from travelers. A variety of studies indicate that more than 54 percent of hospitality companies generate revenue by sharing deals from nearby merchants.


Bring digital
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