Outdoor 3D
Digital Display

The Outdoor 3D Digital Display by Navigate is a great advertisement unit in high traffic outdoor locations. Its impressive size and 3D imaging makes it hard to miss 

sun readable lcd screen

The Weather Adaptable Screen on the Outdoor 3D Digital Display is easy on the eye and allows for clear visibility at any time of the day and in any season of the year.


Dazzle your customers with amazing video advertisement with an engaging blend of audio and interactive technology. It will put a lasting impression on your customers.


The Outdoor 3D Digital Display by Navigate comes with USB Compatability. So you can hook up your computer or plug in a USB device to transfer files.


You can connect the unit to the internet for unlimited video streaming, live updates and social media engagement.

Visible Display

An average commuter is constantly bombarded with streams of information everyday. For your ad to stand out, you need to put in the extra touch of the 3D Digital Display.

Create Extra Income

Apart from advertising your business and driving in the much needed customers, you can also sell advert space on your Display Units to other businesses and make that extra income.

Brand Awareness

Digital Display reinforces your brand using multi-media elements, such as brand logos, taglines, consumer perception, consumer recognition, and visual elements.

Be Visible, Be Audible

24/7 Advertisement

The Outdoor 3D Digital Display by Navigate is made from durable high anti-interference ability, and heat resistant aluminium profile and configured  with the best technology for non-stop functionality.

Cost Effective

Unlike the static print signage which requires replacement at every turn of the road, the 3D Outdoor Digital Display by Navigate is a one-time affordable capital investment for your business with  unlimited dynamic update – this saves money on the long run. 


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