Rotating Head Digital Display

Experience the versatility of expanded 360 degree rotating head Digital Display. It can adjust to vertical and horizontal display and is configured with the best technology tools. 

360 rotatable

The unit is built with versatile and adjustable rotatable head


The Capactive Touchscreen Technology on the Rotating Head Digital Dispaly allows customers to interact.


You can connect the unit to the internet for unlimited video streaming, live updates and social media engagement.

remote control

The Rotating Head Digital Interactive Display comes convenient with a remote control so you can navigate from any corner.

Split Screen

You can split the screen into multiple display


Integrate 3 screens in one or impress your audience with one big video advert content with surround audio capability.

24/7 Advert Display

The Rotating Head Digital Display y by Navigate is made from durable high anti-interference ability, and heat resistant aluminium profile and configured with the best technology for non-stop functionality.

Cutting-edge Innovation

Easy and Instant Update

Rotating Head Digital Display allows you to store your own graphics and update the signage as often as you want. This is especially useful during holiday shopping time, or if you want to promote door busters and flash sales during certain hours.

Vertical & Horizontal Display

The screen is versatile and dynamic and you can turn it to whichever direction you choose. 


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