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Industry Specific

Navigate Digital Media caters to a wide variety of industries and will be glad to put together the product that’s most suitable to your business

Brand Strategy

Take control of your Brand Power and give your customers amazing experience by integrating one of our Digital Display units into your business

Customer Service

Talk to one of our amazing Customer Service Agents  today and we will navigate you to the right product that will enhance your business

DIGIFLEX, The Best & Affordable Digital Display Unit in the Market!

Video Advert Content

Integrate 3 screens in one or impress your audience with one big video advert content.

Audio Capability

Digiflex is configured with quality sound system that gives loudness and surround to the sound.

Bluetooth access

You can send files into the unit through Bluetooth.


You can send files into the unit through Bluetooth and

Update & Customize

Updating content is as easy as ABC. You can update graphics and video content as many times as needed.

Remote Control

Digiflex comes convenient with a remote control so you can navigate from any corner.

Touchscreen Option

The Touchscreen capability allows for interactive experience for your customers


Digiflex is designed with flexible and portable aluminium profile.


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