Digital Display  Information System deploys media content  throughout the city – on subway platforms, in buses and subway cars, in tourist offices – all of which play location-specific content. 

Communicate Bus Schedule

Help commuters to find their way by integrating maps, schedules and other useful services and data across your network of screens.

Take the Message All Over Town

Sync multiple screens for local visual impact or have one brand take over all your screens for a big signal boost that grabs attention and reach out to thousands of people

Entertain Commuters

Digital signage does a great job of brightening the interior of buses, trains, stations and shelters. Use your network to inject a little life into commuters' journeys and reap the rewards of their attention.

Make Extra Income

Navigate the full value of your transit network with Digital Display Technology delivery that puts the right messages in front of the right passengers every single day.

Navigate your Business Forward

With mass transport and transit digital signage, it’s now possible using smart cities technology like sensors, mobile networks and cloud-based software to tell bus and train riders when their ride will arrive and leave, and much more.

Digital signage has the ability to generate significantly greater revenue and reduce staff overhead. As a result, the business case for digital signage is compelling. More importantly, the same digital signage system that helps increase profits also makes the event experience much richer for all the key stakeholders using your facility.

Amazing Commuter Experience

Digital signage is increasingly common in the transportation industry. Cutting-edge signage helps to improve the overall customer experience in multiple ways. Animated maps can aid with navigation, dynamic timetables allow for real-time updates on arrival and departure times, and advertising upcoming changes to service keeps people informed.

GPS tracking is another part of life we’re all familiar with. Google Maps, navigation apps and more everyday tools use GPS technology to record our location. This continues to play a prominent role in innovative digital signage, and can help the transportation industry deliver a stronger customer experience


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